Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my resume?

Don't worry :) Did you see that menu of big blue buttons to the left or top of the resume template? The last button should say

I can't edit the resume directly. Why?

We wanted to give you the smoothest resume editing experience in your life. To do this, we made it easier to edit the content. Simply click one of the section edit buttons on the left or top of the resume template and start filling out the dialog box that pops up.

Can I make my own resume template?

Sure! We would love your input. Make your own HTML page and let us know through the contact page. We'll get in touch with you and see what you have to offer ;)

Why don't the graphs do anything?

This web app is still a WIP (work in progress). We are still working on some big features coming soon. Stay tuned for editable graphs for your skill tree in the future.

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